Sailor Moon Yuri Story: "The Sailor and The Twins"

Chapter 1 – The Twins’ Attack

Usagi watched her foe intently. She was standing between her friends, Rei and Ami. There had just been a colorful pink and blue light show, ending with two figures appearing in front of them. One was fiery, red skinned with tight crimson clothes. The other was cold, blue skinned with tight teal clothes. They both had white accents on their clothes and short, pleated skirts around their waists. The red skinned girl had charcoal grey hair and the blue skinned girl had icy blue hair. They had smooth, beautiful skin and long, glossy tails. Their tails were intertwined and tied together.

“Everyone, transform! These twins Castor and Pollux are a dangerous pair!” Luna cried.

She was a small black cat standing near them. She originally awakened Usagi to her position as Sailor Moon and continually helps her and the other Sailors.

Usagi held up her hands and cried, “Moon prism power, makeup!” The Locket on her chest sparkled and power swirled around and through her. Her clothing dissipated for a split second. Smooth, soft ribbons spread over her body and cinched tight around her and transformed into a cute white leotard. More ribbons spread around her body and pulled tight against her. Beautiful white gloves spread from her elbows down and then shiny, ruby-red high-heel boots encased her feet softly. A fluttering blue skirt spread out from the bottom of her leotard. She snapped her arms outward and the bright light around her snapped, revealing herself to the outside world.

Rei and Ami did the same at the same time, each crying “Mars power!” and “Mercury power!” Fire swirled around Rei and water splashed about Ami. A tight white leotard covered both of them. A blue skirt and boots for Ami and a red skirt and boots for Rei. The two of them snapped into position alongside Usagi, snapping their arms up.

“In the name of the moon! We shall punish you!” Usagi cried, dashing forward towards the Twins.

“What a joke!” Castor laughed, holding out their hands.

A spark appeared between her fingers and there was a rush of air. Fire exploded forward and engulfed Usagi. She cried out and fell backwards. The only thing that kept her from burning alive was her Sailor Powers. She groaned and lost consciousness from the strain on her body.

“Usagi!” Ami cried, dropping by her side. Wisps of smoke floated up from her body.

“You bastards!” Rei cried, swinging her hands up.

A cone of flame erupted from Rei’s hand and engulfed Pollux. Pollux gave a chuckle and held her arms outward. Bubbles emerged from her hands and wrapped themselves around Castor and Pollux. The flame wash harmlessly around them.

“You cannot hope to defeat our friendship.” Pollux smiled.

“You are insane.” Ami said, stepping up to Rei’s side.

“You know sister, I think we’re going to have to have some fun with these two…” Castor smiled, putting an arm around Pollux’s waist.

“I think you’re right…they are kinda cute. You take care of the cat too.” Pollux smiled, stepping forward.

“Wha…what’re you two…?” Ami stuttered.

“Go ahead sister, I’ll take the fiery one.” Pollux said, untwisting her tail from Castor’s.

“Mmm…I like this one…cute blue hair…I wonder if it’s blue elsewhere too…” Castor said, stepping over to Ami.

“Stay away from me!” Ami cried, leaping back.

Luna jumped by her side, hissing loudly and arching her back. Castor smiled and looked down at her. Luna didn’t move and Castor’s foot caught her beneath her front legs. She was thrown high into the air and off the other side of the building.

“Having problems sister?” Pollux laughed as she leapt forward.

“Just getting rid of an annoying feline.” Castor smiled, jumping towards Ami.

“Bring it on!” Rei cried, holding out her fists.

Pollux tackled Rei, crashing to the ground on top of her. She pinned Rei’s arms down by her head and leaned close to her.

“You know, you school girls are really pieces of work.” Pollux said, barely inches from Rei’s face. Rei’s dark hair splayed over the roof.

There was a scream of protest from Ami as Castor caught her. She was trying to crawl away and Castor was pulling her back by her ankles.

“Ugh! How’s…how’s that?!” Rei cried, struggling under Pollux.

“Your always dressing so provocatively…yet…” Pollux pulled Rei’s arms down by her sides and pined them with her knees, “You always resist when someone makes a sexual advance.”

“What?!” Rei cried, struggling fruitlessly.

“Nooo!” Ami cried desperately.

Castor had her face down and was kneeling on her arms. She was running her hands over Ami’s back, feeling up and down her soft leotard.

“You see. Even your know-it-all friend is…” Pollux ran her hands up Rei’s stomach, “…Going to have some fun.”

“Nooo! Don’t do that!” Ami protested.

Castor was slowly ripping Ami’s leotard down the center of her back. Her tail was rubbing around behind her, feeling up Ami’s soft backside.

“W…Wait a second…you two…you aren’t…you…won’t…” Rei stuttered, her eyes wide.

“Maybe…” Pollux said, kissing Rei on the lips.

Her blue tail curled behind her and started to rub up underneath Rei’s skirt. Rei screamed shrilly and struggled madly. Pollux pushed her tail further, feeling around Rei’s leotard.

“Let’s get this off you.” Pollux smiled, standing up.

She put her foot on Rei’s neck, holding her there. She grabbed the shoulders of Rei’s leotard and pulled. Her inhuman strength ripped the leotard from top to bottom, revealing her gorgeous body. Rei screamed and tried to struggle, but it was futile.

“Your moving along pretty quick over there sister.” Castor said, pulling Ami’s leotard open. She had ripped it from her neck down to her butt.

“I don’t like to wait…and I bet she doesn’t either.” Pollux smiled, keeping Rei held down with her knees, “Your going to love this, I know I am.”

“What…what do you want? Anything…just don’t do that!” Rei begged frantically.

“Hmm…Nah…I think I’ll just take you.” Pollux smiled, putting her hands on Rei’s breasts.

“Aaaaah! Not there! Not there!” Ami screamed, feeling Castor’s tail start to feel her up between her legs.

“Ami, as smart as you, I doubt you know this: When in the right situations, our type of Youma develops a very sensitive feeling in our tail. It becomes so wonderfully pleasurable to play with…especially inside a young girl like you.” Castor said, her face next to Ami’s ear.

“No no no no! Don’t do that! Don’t put it in there!” Ami screamed.

“Then how about the other hole?” Castor smiled, prodding the tip of her tail against Ami’s anus.

“Ack! No no no no! Not their either!” Ami jerked beneath her, trying to escape.

“On three sister?” Pollux said, poising her tail in front of Rei’s pussy.

“Three…” Castor said, tickling Ami’s pussy with her tail.

“Two…” Pollux smiled and a look of terror spread across Rei’s face.

“One…” Castor said.

Ami and Rei shrieked and squealed loudly at the same time. Castor and Polluxs’ tails buried deep inside of the two Sailors. It was a mixture of moans from the Twins and cries of agony from the girls.

“Sister, use the aphrodisiac’s spell.” Castor said, “It’s not fair that we’re the only ones feeling pleasure.”

“Right sister.” Pollux smiled.

The two of them cast a magic that coursed down their tails and into the girls’ pussies. Ami and Rei felt strange tingling through their insides…a pleasurable tingling.

“Aaaahhh…What’s…what’s happening?” Ami moaned, feeling a pleasure start to course through her pelvis.

“It…it’s feeling…good…” Rei moaned as Pollux’s tail moved in and out of her.

“She’s getting wet…it feels so good…” Pollux moaned.

Pollux could feel the wetness building in her own crotch. When her tail was stimulated, the pleasure coursed straight into her pelvis. Castor was breathing heavily as she penetrated Ami deeper. Ami moaned loudly, confused by the pure pleasure that was flowing through her. She was being raped, how could it possibly feel so good? It didn’t make any sense.

“Ohh…Uhh…Wh…what’s happening…to…to me…” Ami moaned, “Why…does it…feel good…?”

“Because…in truth…your a whore…” Castor said, “You wanted this…”

“What? No! That’s not…not true!” Ami moaned loudly, the pleasure growing evermore inside her.

“Ohhh…This is so good…don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Rei moaned loudly.

“Rei, no, don’t do that!” Ami breathed.

“See, your friend has given into it. What about you?” Castor said, pushing her tail deep into Ami, “Why won’t you give in!”

“Aaaah! N…No! I…I won’t!” Ami cried out through the mind erasing pleasure.

“Ohhh…Yes…yes yes! I’m cumming!” Rei cried out, “Ohh…I’m cumming!”

Her body clenched beneath Pollux and she gave a loud moan. Rei squirted around Pollux’s tail, making a small puddle on the roof. Pollux moaned as the hot juices soaked her tail, heightening the pleasure of being inside Rei. She kept pushing in and out of her.

“Now let’s see if we can’t make you do the same.” Castor smiled, reaching behind her.

She started to play with Ami’s clitorous as she shoved her tail in and out of Ami faster.

“I…I won’t…ohhh…give in…” Ami moaned.

“Keep resisting…like…this and I might…just cum too…” Castor breathed heavily, feeling the pleasure growing inside herself.

“I…hope you…die…” Ami moaned.

“Ohh…I am cumming…” Pollux moaned, her fingers rubbing her wet pussy through the small bottoms she was wearing.

She fell backwards on Rei’s legs, rubbing herself as she came.

“Already…sister? That was…ohh…fast…for you…” Castor moaned, playing with Ami faster.

“That girl…is…very hot…inside…” Pollux breathed, tilting her head to look over at them.

“Ohhh…I…I hate…you…I’m…gonna…gonna…cum!” Ami cried out with a tone of anger.

Her body clenched and shook. Juices seeped out from her pussy. Her pussy clenched around Castor’s tail and brought her to cum as well. Castor moaned and cried out, her juices seeping out from her small blue bottoms. Ami resisted as much as she could, but it didn’t work. The orgasm tore through her, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from her. She became limp beneath Castor, breathing heavily with her head turned to one side.

“Ohh…My head…” Usagi moaned, sitting up slowly, “What’s going on…?”

“U…Usagi…P…Please…save me…” Ami breathed quietly, totally exhausted.

“Oh my god!” Usagi cried, jumping to her feet, “What’re you two doing! I will kill you!”

She ran straight at Castor and kicked her full in the face with her red heels. Castor cried out in pain as she was thrown over backwards a few feet away.

“Your next!” Usagi cried, grabbing Pollux by her hair and the base of her tail.

She threw Pollux bodily into Castor, leaving them in a heap. Usagi breathed heavily and looked down at the naked Rei and half naked Ami.

“Are you okay Ami? Rei?” Usagi said, kneeling down by them, “They did what I think they did, didn’t they?”

Rei was out cold and Ami was having trouble keeping conscious.

“W…Watch out…for their…magic…” Ami breathed before passing out.

“You sons of bitches!” Usagi cried angrily, standing up.

The twins had extricated themselves and were getting to their feet. They looked into each other’s eyes and nodded. Usagi wasn’t sure what they were doing, but it couldn’t be good.

“Usagi…The Sailor Moon…I think we’ll take great pleasure in what we’re about to do.” Pollux said, taking her sister’s hand.

Their tails spun together and began to wind together down as far as they could. Castor and Pollux became like ghosts, glowing softly. Their intertwined tails brought them together and they formed into a single glowing being. Starting at the tip, the tails split apart and she became solid, a single being. The twins had fused themselves together. A being with beautiful lilac skin and no clothing. Usagi blushed slightly at its openness. She had gorgeous D cups and a smooth, lithe body. She stood a few inches taller than Usagi and her cold black eyes stared intently at her. Her two purple tails twisted and waved expectantly behind her.

“Sailor Moon, we are Castux. Few have seen this because few have caused us so much pain. However from that pain, you will experience much pleasure…whether you want to or not.” The fused twins said, taking a threatening step towards Usagi.

Chapter 2 – Castux’s Despair

“I will never forgive you for what you did to them…” Usagi said, reaching up for the band around her forehead, “You will die here.”

“Ha! Little Sailor, I would like to see that.” Castux said, taking up a defensive combat stance. She held her open palms up in front of her.

“Moon Tiara!” Usagi cried, hurling her Tiara at the naked lilac demon.

She took a skillful step forward and backhanded the glowing tiara. It reflected off the back of her hand and whistled away from the building. Usagi held out her hand and guided it back to herself, catching it in her hand. She replaced it on her head and took up a more careful position.

“You just don’t get it do you?” Castux said, stepping closer.

“What are you going on about?” Usagi said, stepping back, closer to the edge of the roof.

“We are two friends and one body, you cannot defeat our combined strength.” Castux smiled, “Your body will be ours.”

“B…Body? Oh no…” Usagi stuttered, “You are not going to do the same thing to me that you did to them!”

“Your right, I’m not. I’m going to do much worse.” Castux smiled, “Starting with ridding you of that ridiculous outfit.”

“What?!” Usagi cried, “I would never let you!”

“Who said I was asking!” Castux yelled as she lunged at Usagi.

She stopped inches from Usagi, but her motion didn’t. A razor wind tore at Usagi, abrading her skin roughly while shredding her clothing to pieces. She squealed and covered her face as the wind tore around her and threatened to push her off the cliff.

“Now we can’t have you falling off!” Castux laughed, snapping one of her tails forward towards Usagi.

It lengthened and flexed itself around Usagi’s bare waist. Castux caught her and kept her from falling off the roof. She pulled back with her tail, pulling the screaming Usagi closer to her.

“You’re cute when you’re angry.” Castux said, only inches from Usagi’s face.

Their bare bodies pressed together, held by one of Castux’s tails.

“You sick bitch.” Usagi said coldly.

“Cute…” Castux smiled, giving Usagi a kiss.

Her other tail slipped between her legs and reached up to touch Usagi. Usagi cried and jumped when the end of her tail touched her slit. She struggled in defiance.

“Oh dear, not as horny as I am?” Castux said, “Well, I can fix that.”

The thin tip of her tail probed into Usagi and she chanted a short spell. Usagi could feel the magic coursing into her and she moaned as the pleasure suddenly erupted into her. Her pussy started to drip immediately and Castux smiled.

“I…I won’t give in…that easily!” Usagi said desperately.

“Okay, how about this.” Castux said, holding her tail up to where Usagi could see it.

The end bubbled and thickened before splitting in two. It split about a foot down and became two thick tentacles, eerily resembling phalluses. Usagi’s eyes grew wide and she screamed shrilly.

“Oh shut up.” Castux said, curling the tentacle around Usagi’s arms and waist higher up. The end of it morphed into the same shape as the others and she shoved it into Usagi’s mouth. Usagi cried throatily, half-choking on the tentacle.

Castux smiled and pushed one of the two tentacles on her other tail up against Usagi’s wet slit. Usagi’s face flushed and she moaned around the tentacle in her mouth.

“Oh…Usagi, move that tongue around more…” Castux breathed, “Ready? Here we go!”

Usagi was shaking her head frantically as Castux pulled down slightly on her tentacle. Castux smiled and shoved upward. Her tentacle delved unimaginably deep into Usagi’s wet slit. Usagi gave a long moan and her body fell limp in Castux’s grip. Castux smiled as her tentacle pushed in and out of Usagi’s tight pussy.

“So…Ohh…Not a virgin huh?” Castux moaned, “What was it? Masturbating…or are you just a little…mmm…slut?”

Usagi just gave muffled moans and stared blankly into the sky, lost in the forced pleasure soaking through her. She shoved in and out of Usagi faster and faster, feeling her tightness around the tentacle. She pulls the tentacle out of Usagi’s mouth and listens to her long moan.

“N…No…I…I wanna…taste it…” Usagi moaned, leaning forward with her tongue out.

Castux smiled and rubbed one of her tentacles on Usagi’s wet tongue.

“How about we try another hole.” Castux whispered, rubbing one of her two lower tentacles against Usagi’s hot anus.

“Ooooh! N…Not there…it…it won’t fit…” Usagi moaned.

“Oh don’t…mmm…worry. These little wonders…ahh…can do a lot…even excrete…ohhh…lubricant.” Castux moaned, prodding and pressing at Usagi’s ass with her second lower tentacle.

A sweet, oiling excretion spread over Castux’ tentacle and she pushed a little harder on Usagi. Usagi moaned loudly and stood up on her toes, trying to move away from it. The slippery tentacle slipped a small way into Usagi’s ass. Usagi squeaked and jumped slightly, feeling the tentacle probe into her tight hole. Castux groaned as she pushed past seven inches deep into Usagi.

“It…I…There are…shivers…up my spine…so good…so deep…” Usagi moaned about the tentacle in front of her lips.

“Your so hot inside…” Castux breathed, pushing her tentacles in and out of both of Usagi’s holes.

“Ohh…I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” USagi cried out, wrapping her arms tightly around herself.

“Me too! Ohh…Your squeazing me so tight!” Castux moaned loudly, her pussy simply drenched.

Usagi was the first to cum, arching her back away from Castux, she was only held up by the tentacles deep within her. Her pussy squirted around Castux and her juices ran down Castux’s tentacles. Castux came, feeling the hot sauce running down her tails. She cried out loudly and threw her arms around Usagi for support. Usagi’s wobbly legs gave out and Castux swayed and fell backward. She hit the roof with a thumb and Usagi’s soft, hot body fell on top of her.

“I…I want more…” Usagi moaned, running a hand down Castux’s lilac face.

“Whaaa…?” Castux mumbled, looking down at Usagi.

She was astounded at Usagi’s horniness and desire for Castux to rape her further. Although at this point, Castux wasn’t sure who was doing the raping anymore. Usagi sat up on Castux’s thighs and smiled lustfully. Castux’s tails had returned to their normal pointed shape and were totally limp now.

“Now.” Usagi demanded, looking down at Castux’s body.

She ran her hands up Castux’s thighs and traced around her wet, light purple pussy. Usagi licked her lips and shoved three fingers inside her. Castux moaned and scratched at the roof beneath her.

“N…No! I’ve had enough…leave me alone!” Castux moaned.

“Well, I haven’t and if your done raping me, I think I’ll return the favor!” Usagi said, pushing her fingers in and out of Castux.

“AaaahhH!! N…NO!” Castux moaned loudly.

“Yes.” Usagi smiled, stretching out Castux with three fingers and a thumb.

She opened and closed Castux, stretching and pushing on her tight pussy. Castux was going crazy. It was too much pleasure, even for her. Then Usagi did something that Castux had never expected. Pulling her wide open, Usagi pushed her entire inside Castux, burying her hand up to her wrist. It felt strange, all wet and soft inside Castux. It was like her insides were moving around Usagi’s hand. She formed it into a fist and pushed back and forth inside Castux.

“It’s…It’s too much! Too big! You’re stretching me out so much!” Castux screamed, pleasure mixed with a twinge of pain.

“Good!” Usagi laughed, pulling out her hand with a loud squelching sound.

“Ohh…I feel…so…empty…” Castux breathed, putting a hand on her pudenda.

“Now your going to make me cum again.” Usagi smiled, rolling Castux onto her side.

She lifed up one of Castux’s long, beautiful legs and scooted up to her. She slid her legs forward and laid back, pressing their pussies together. Castux gave what almost sounded like a whimper and Usagi gave a sound of lustful desire.

“Mmm…that’s good…” Usagi breathed, rubbing herself against Castux.

Their juices mixed and Usagi moaned happily, feeling the pleasure in her.

“Ohh…You know what…you were right…I am just a little slut…” Usagi moaned loudly, hugging to Castux’s thigh.

“U…Usagi…Please…let me go…” Castux begged, “This is…too much…”

“Let me refresh your memorie. What happened when I asked you not do to this?” Usagi said, wiping two fingers through their juices.

She quickly shoved them up Castux’s backside and she cried out loudly.

“Ohhh…” Castux breathed.

“Now, make me cum…” Usagi hissed, starting to rub their pussies together again.

“W…What have I done…” Castux breathed, putting her hands on her face.

“Mmmm…So good…” Usagi moaned, moving her pelvis faster.

Usagi breathed harder as she rubbed against Castux. Her sweaty body rubbed up and down Castux’s lilac thigh. She felt a tension growing in her lower stomach as her pleasure started to peak. Her clenching body hugged tightly around Castux’s leg and she gave a cry. Falling back, Usagi came with a poweful squirt, spraying about Castux’s slit. There was a scratching on the roof behind her as the other Sailors got to their feet.

“S…So good…” Usagi panted, lying back on the ground.

“We’ll save you Usagi!” Ami cried, grabbing Usagi’s shoulders.

She pulled her back and Usagi saw a blurry outline of Rei stepping forward.

“Mars flame!” Rei cried, holding out her hands.

The near comotose Castux didn’t do anything when a cone of fire engulfed her. When Rei let up, the only thing left were a few burn marks from her fire. Usagi herself was also having trouble staying conscious.

“Hey Usagi, good job distracting her with your body so that we could recover and defeat her.” Rei said, giving her a thumbs up.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take it from here and we’ll make sure you’re taking good care of.” Ami smiled.

“She was still a creepy one…what a sadist.” Rei said, with a shudder.


“You know, I almost miss her.” Rei said, looking into her drink.

They were sitting in Usagi’s home, only the three of them were there.

“What? Are you crazy? Those two raped us, and then together they raped Usagi!” Ami cried.

“Exactly…It felt sooo good…” Rei sighed.

“I can’t believe her. How could she have enjoyed that?” Ami asked Usagi.

“Well, the feeling of those tentacles going in and out just…mmm…” Usagi sighed, crossing her legs, “Plus…I got them in both holes…”

“Not you too!” Ami cried, “Are you two both perverts?!”

“Yes.” They said together.

“Well, I think I’m just a slut.” Usagi corrected with a smile.

“Really? When did you come to this revelation?” Rei said, raising an eyebrow.

“When I decided to rape the twins when they were fused. After she had her way with me, I was still horny, so I fought back…” Usagi said, smiling lustfully.

“So that’s why she was next to dead when I killed her.” Rei said, tapping her chin, “Explains alot.”

“You…her…I can’t…Oh my god!” Ami cried, “And your one of my friends?!”

“Oh come on Ami, you can’t say it didn’t feel good!” Usagi prompted her.

“You are being awfully defensive about this.” Rei said, “I think you’re hiding something.

“I…I am not!” Ami squealed, holding up her hands.

“You definitely are.” Rei smiled, scooting her chair around the table, closer to Ami.

“No!” Ami tried to scoot away, but was stopped back Usagi, “I’m not hiding anything!”

“Oh she is…” Usagi smiled and she put her hand on Ami’s bare thigh.

“Let’s uncover it.” Rei said, putting a hand on Ami’s breast.

“No no no! Please stop, please stop or you’re going to make me…” Ami cut herself off, biting her own lip.

“Make you what?” Usagi asked.

“Make you a little hot maybe?” Rei said, unbuttoning Ami’s shirt.

“Or a little wet?” Usagi slid her hand up under Ami’s skirt.

“You two are so cruel!” Ami squealed.

“But we’re right.” Rei smiled.

“Yes, okay! Fine, you’re right! You are right! I’m just a damn whore like the rest of you!” Ami cried, tears coming to her eyes.

“Hey! We are not whores!” Rei said, stopping.

“We are…sex enthusiasts!” Usagi thought up quickly.

“Whaa…?” Ami started.

“And today, you’re our plaything!” Rei said, pulling Ami’s shirt down.

She put both her hands on Ami’s breasts and rubbed around her silky bra.

“And trust me…you’ll love it.” Usagi smiled, cupping her hand against Ami’s soft panties.

“Oh god! Take me! Make me cum! Please!” Ami cried suddenly.

“Woohoo!” Usagi cried.

“That’s our girl!” Rei said, standing up.

THey picked up Ami and hefted her into Usagi’s room and onto her bed.

“I’m so hot! I need it so badly!” Ami moaned, pushing her skirt and panties down to her ankles.

“I can cure that.” Usagi smiled, crawling onto the bed, between Ami’s legs.

“I can help!” Rei smiled, lying down next to Ami.

Usagi slid her tongue up Ami’s wet slit and made Ami moan loudly. Rei started to gently rub around one of Ami’s breasts while she licked the other nipple. Ami moaned and grabbed at the bed beneath her, squirming and twitching with pleasure.

“Ohh…I can feel it down there…” Ami moaned, “The pleasure…it’s sooo good…”

Usagi licked her and toyed with her clit, making Ami cry out and shake with pleasure. Rei nibbled on Ami’s nipples and her breathing quickened. She grabbed the bed beneath her in a tight fist and her pelvis spasmed.

“C…Cumming!” Ami cried out.

She gave a small squirt and fell limp on the bed, her breath fast and short. Usagi sat up, licking her lips.

“We’re doing this…more…from now on…” Ami panted, looking up at Rei and Usagi.

“Works for me…as long as you eat me out sometimes too.” Usagi smiled.

“I think…whew…I could do that…ohh…” Ami breathed, “That was so good…”

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